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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions,
if you still need more help, please call : 0117 336 1133

General household waste is taken to a waste to energy site where it is turned to electricity, Mixed Waste is taken to a waste transfer station where it is separated our into recyclable and non-recyclable materials and disposed of in the appropriate manner.

We empty wheelie bins every Wednesday, based on the opposite week of your council collections.

We start at 7am and cover a circular route across North Bristol to South Bristol.

In a convenient and easily accessible place for our binmen to spot it with ease.

Please make sure that you have a walkway that is at least 1 meter wide and either paved or hard-packed gravel as the wheelie bins will not roll once fully loaded over grass or muddy conditions. Please note that if you live in a terraced property and there is no rear access, that the wheelie bin will need to go on the pavement in front of our property, this pavement has to be wide enough to accommodate both the bin and members of the public to safely pass the bin.